The Museum houses a small but exquisite collection of American decorative arts and furniture. It displays one of the finest collections of family portraits in the United States. Major American artists like John Singer Sargent - a descendant of the Sargent family, who loved the house and its ties to Post-Revolutionary Gloucester - as well as Thomas Sully and James Frothingham are well-represented. The Museum owns several Robert Sheraton pieces of furniture, as well as furniture made in major American furniture centers like Boston, Salem, Newburyport and New Orleans. 


Wallpaper and Textiles

Judith Sargent Murray decorated her many journals with scraps of wallpaper, wall trimmings , and textiles in order to individualize and catalogue them. Explore the Sargent House Museum's collection of many decorative wallpapers, wall trimmings, and textiles.


Families of the Sargent House Museum

For over 100 years, the Sargent House was the home of sea merchants, patriots and community leaders.